Cajun Gumbo
Blackened New York Steak

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Counter Menu

  • Cajun Gumbo
    Cajun Gumbo $8 S, $10 M,
    $12 L

    Traditional style gumbo with a flavor that is pleasing even to visitors from Cajun country. Made with dark roux, the holy trinity, andouille sausage, tomatoes, chicken stock, spice, okra, roasted chicken, served with rice.

  • Creamy Cajun Chicken
    Creamy Cajun Chicken $8 S, $10 M,
    $12 L

    Made with tender chicken, Cajun spiced cream sauce, served with choice of rice or mashed potatoes.

  • Mushroom Beef Stroganoff
    Mushroom Beef Stroganoff $8 S, $10 M,
    $12 L

    Braised New York steak slices in a gravy made with sherry wine, onion, mushroom, house made beef stock and cream. Served with a choice of rice or macaroni.

Daily Specials

  • Como Bread $1

    A slice of bread made with all fermented dough. Real Italian style.

  • Foccacia Al Taglio $2

    - A cut of focaccia made with all fermented dough. Toppings vary.

  • Baked Pasta of The Day $15

    Chef’s daily choice of fresh ingredients.

  • Marinated Salads Of The Day $6

    Chef’s daily choice of fresh ingredients.

Wall Menu

  • Shrimp Etouffee
    Shrimp Etouffee $16

    Shrimp smothered in a roux sauce made with Cajun spices, fresh green onion, parsley, and cream. Served with a choice of mashed potatoes or rice.

  • Jambalaya
    Jambalaya $16

    Made with converted rice, holy trinity, andouille sausage, house made chicken stock, tomatoes, spices, chicken, shrimp upon request and fresh green onion. Jambalaya is similar to paella but, Cajun style.

  • Puttanesca
    Puttanesca $14

    All vegetarian classic Italian pasta dish pan tossed with olive oil, garlic, capers, olives, spice and crushed tomatoes.

  • Radiatore Verde
    Radiatore Verde $16

    Seared New York steak cubes served on pesto pasta.

  • Paglia E Fieno
    Paglia E Fieno $15

    Green fettuccine and golden linguine. Made with bacon, cream, mushrooms and parmesan cheese.

  • Italian Stir Fry
    Italian Stir Fry $15

    Made with onion, zucchini, ground beef, spinach, scrambled egg. Served on jasmine rice, topped with bell pepper, tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.